Friday, October 24, 2008

InterAct Inaugurates New Blog & New Season

Welcome to this first InterAct blog entry which we hope will evolve into a lively and active interaction between our artists and our audiences.

Our first production of the 2008-2009 season is upon us, so I wanted to begin by letting you know why I chose to include THE WAR PARTY by Vincent Delaney in our season. I read the play at several stages in its development over the past couple of years, each time finding it funny and provocative and thoroughly enjoyable. When I read it again last spring it felt not only more advanced but way more relevant.

This election year has frayed just about every nerve of every American, it seems. There has been a tremendous amount of antipathy being expressed about everything from patriotism to partisanship, and it is that sense of frustration with the way things are that THE WAR PARTY tackles.

As a theatre that is viewed by most as “leftist” (even though we try very hard to produce plays that challenge, rather than affirm our audience’s values and beliefs) THE WAR PARTY also offers a fresh and refreshing take on the American political landscape. Here, Vincent Delaney has created a play around a central character we rarely, if ever see on stage: A decidedly successful conservative woman senator who is neither satirized nor made into a caricature. Laura Smith is far more complex and compelling than the monolithic right wing stereotype she has, frankly, played the role of. In fact, she has actually hidden from the world many things about herself that would engender our sympathy and support…in the interest of pursuing a political career in America’s bitterly divided cultural landscape.

I can’t tell you too much without giving away the many surprises in the play, but suffice it to say that it takes unexpected turns right up until the end.

I look forward to hearing from you, before or after you’ve seen THE WAR PARTY.

- Seth Rozin
Producing Artistic Director

For more information about THE WAR PARTY, including excerpts from the script and an interview with the playwright, visit