Friday, February 24, 2012

Seth Rozin Reflecting on 24 years of InterAct

"Seth Rozin, 47, InterAct’s producing artistic director, standing in the Adrienne Theater next to a collage of stills from 15 years worth of the company’s plays. (Josh Fernandez /"
Check out this article where InterAct's Artistic Director, Seth Rozin, reflects on his 24 years as a theatre professional.

“Almost everyone who goes into theater starts out on stage at some point,” Rozin, 47, said. “I was active in theater – acting, directing, writing – from the end of my elementary school days, all the way through college. It hooks you and you have to do it...

To date, InterAct has presented 78 main stage productions, including 32 world premieres, more than 30 regional premieres and two premieres in the United States. Rozin, the company’s producing artistic director, was named “Best Director,” by the Philadelphia Inquirer twice for the premiere of the 1993 play 6221 and Lebensraum. (Inquirer Theater Critic Howard Shapiro’s reviews of Rozin’s recently directed play,The How and the Why and the musical he wrote, A Passing Wind, can be found here and here.)"

Read more about Rozin's journey here!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Villanova's Controversial Decision to Cancel Acclaimed Artist Tim Miller's Workshop

Check out these excerpts from Kathy Boccella's article in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Villanova University's decision to cancel Tim Miller's workshop:

"Villanova University abruptly canceled a weeklong workshop by a gay performance artist whose stage shows are often laced with nudity and simulated sex but who has taught and lectured at numerous colleges, including the nation's largest Catholic university, DePaul, in Chicago.
While the cancellation was not "unimaginable", he [Tim Miller] noted that Villanova once staged Angels in America, the groundbreaking, Pulitzer Prize-winning play about the AIDS epidemic.

Times have changed," he said. "We're in a much more coercive, censorious time."

By Monday afternoon, the university put out a statement that read:

Villanova University embraces intellectual freedom and academic discourse. Indeed, it is at the very heart of our University and our Augustinian Catholic intellectual tradition. With regard to the forthcoming residency and performance workshops by Tim Miller, we had concerns that his performances were not in keeping with our Catholic and Augustinian values and mission.

Therefore, Villanova has decided not to host Mr. Miller on our campus. Villanova University is an open and inclusive community and in no way does this singular decision change that."

You can sign the petition to have Tim Miller's Workshop reinstated here: President, Villanova University: Reinstate the banned workshop by performance artist Tim Miller.

Tim Miller's LAY OF THE LAND will be featured during our Outside The Frame Festival. As the newest of Tim Miller's internationally acclaimed solo performances, LAY OF THE LAND is a saucy, sharp-knifed look at the State of the Queer Union during a time of trial. Careening from his sexy misadventures performing in 45 States, to Marriage Equality street protests, to the electoral assaults on gay folks all over the country, to his life as a grade-school flag monitor, to choking on cheap meat caught in his 10 year old throat, LAY OF THE LAND friskily gets at that feeling of gay folks being perpetually on trial, on the ballot, and on the menu.

As previously scheduled Tim Miller's Performance Workshop will be taking place April 9 - April 15. You can find out more info about how to get involved on our website.

Learn more about Tim Miller's Performance and Workshop by visiting our website

President, Villanova University: Reinstate the banned workshop by performance artist Tim Miller: Click here to sign the petition to have Tim Miller's Workshop reinstated.