Friday, January 28, 2011

Philadelphia Young Playwrights Starts Blog About 2011 Young Voices Festival

Each year, InterAct Theatre Company joins forces with Philadelphia Young Playwrights to produce the Young Voices Monologue Festival, a competitive program that invites high school students from all over the Philadelphia area to write and submit monologues that address issues important to students today. The top monologues are selected to be developed by professional directors, dramaturgs, and actors, and then presented in a series of showcase performances.

This year, sixteen monologues written by students from eleven high schools have been selected to participate in two workshops and four performances (February 16-19, 2011). Selected from over 300 submissions, the chosen monologues cover a variety of topics including family, race, violence and identity.

In an effort to chronicle this year's Young Voices process, Philly Young Playwrights has started the Young Voices blog, which will feature an on-going series of entries by high school junior Glenna Walsh, author of the monologue Predisposition, as she tries to capture the voices of playwrights, directors, actors, and dramaturgs as they participate in the competition and festival, celebrating the art and craft of theater.

Links to More information about Young Voices:

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