Monday, September 19, 2011

More On The Life Of An InterAct Intern

Continuing the effort to document a year in the life of InterAct's interns, here is Shannon Fitzsimons' first entry...

Shannon Fitzsimons: 
“I’ve heard it takes at least 6 months to feel settled…”

That was certainly true for me.  Hi, I’m Shannon Fitzsimons, one of the epic trio of ladies who have started the InterAct full-season internship.  Dany, our Audience Services and Company Manager, has affectionately labeled us BSB (as in Brianne, Shannon, and Becky…or the Backstreet Boys).  I moved to Philadelphia officially this past December, but had not been a stranger to the area.  Originally from Red Hook, NY (near Poughkeepsie…yes, that is where Snookie is from…) I graduated from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA  in 2009, with BA’s in Theatre and Music, my concentrations being Directing, Acting, and Vocal Performance.  Between 2009 and this past May, I was blessed with the opportunity to tour nationally with The Enchantment Theatre Company and their production of “The Adventures of Harold and the Purple Crayon”, having all my rehearsals here in Philadelphia.  It was through my rehearsal time that I fell in love with Philly.

After two years of touring, I knew I needed a break, but I wanted to remain involved in the Philly theatre community.  Since choosing to remain stationary, I’ve been dancing the 3-4 job shuffle, a mixture of theatre work, nannying, and catering.  It’s been challenging and stressful, but fulfilling and exciting at the same time.  Even after 9 months of living here, I still wonder if I’m going to make next month’s rent, let alone buy groceries...keeps me on my toes.  That’s not to say that Philly isn’t an affordable city – it definitely is.  I share a great row house with my cousin up in Fishtown, and I absolutely love it.

I was first drawn to InterAct by their mission statement, and secondly after seeing the high caliber of their work.  Myself and several friends from college are highly considering starting our own theatre company in the next couple years, and I very much want to gain knowledge of all the things it takes to run a company.  From the smallest detail, to the big picture.

My first week at InterAct has surpassed my expectations.  Not only was I learning new software and how best to serve our patrons, but I’ve also gotten to read 5 plays I wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.  It’s been pretty exciting.

Here’s to finally feeling settled in Philadelphia, and a great season, full of paperwork and art.  Both of which are necessary to keep a company moving forward.



  1. Heyy Jason!!! Yeah Muhlenberg!! :-). The InterAct office currently has 2 Muhlenberg Alumni Rockin it out!! :-)