Tuesday, December 13, 2011

InterAct Hosts ETCHED IN SKIN... Development Workshop

Playwright Kara Lee Corthron (left),
Director Whit MacLaughlin,
and Phyllis Johnson as "Jules"

by Kara Lee Corthron

Play Development Workshop

InterAct Theatre Company
December 8-9, 2011

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to participate in a table workshop of our upcoming production ETCHED IN SKIN ON A SUNLIT NIGHT, by Kara Lee Corthron.  The show will run for the month of June here at InterAct, for which I am the Assistant Stage Manager :-).

Ian Bedford (head of table) as "Olafur"
During the workshop, I read for "Kina", the bi-racial daughter (7-10 years old) of "Jules", an African-American Painter, and "Olafur", her Icelandic husband.  The part of "Kina" has not yet been cast.

We read through the script to start, and then just began talking!
And talking...and talking...:-)

Jered McLenigan (left) as "Jonsi"

There was just so much to talk about!  This multi-faceted play totes the rock spirit of Sigor Ros, with the lead singer "Jonsi" as a main character...or figment of imagination...or elf...combined with delicate family dynamics, racial conflict, crime, and guilt.

Sound Designer Robert Kaplowitz (right)

Whit MacLaughlin, our fearless director, dove right into the investigation of character, analyzing each main character in turn, based on their words, patterns, choices, and given circumstances.  The team of playwright, director, actors & designers had a blast building the legs upon which this epic show will take its stand...and ROCK!

Surrounding the table, an awesome team put their heads together to unpack the power within this piece.

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