Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Adventures of an InterAct Intern!

Adventures of an InterAct Intern

I figure it’s about time to update you all on what’s happening at InterAct! I haven't updated in a while so we are about to go WAY BACK!

THE HOW AND THE WHY opened a few months ago to banging reviews! I was lucky enough to act as the assistant stage manager, sound board op AND I got to play the VERY IMPORTANT part of bartender for approximately 7 seconds. I was lucky enough to be able to lead one of the talk backs while Seth was away too! Long story short I learned SO much and received so many opportunities while working on the show. THE HOW AND THE WHY was the first professional production I have ever been a part of so I absolutely learned a lot and had a blast being a part of something that was so successful.

Not long after THE HOW AND THE WHY closed InterAct hosted NNPN’s National Showcase of New Plays. NNPN is an organization where non-profit theatres from around the country join together to produce and develop new plays. The NNPN Conference was held in November. The purpose of the showcase was to show the members of NNPN new production ready plays that may fit their theatre's mission. The intern's played a huge part in the readings serving as ASM's, readers, house managers and the general go-to people for any questions. Being a part of this conference was an absolute invaluable experience. We got to meet so many theatre professionals from all over the place, work with directors we may have never gotten the opportunity to work with and all in all have an awesome, and bust, week doing what we all love to do.

READ MORE ABOUT NNPN HERE!!! http://www.nnpn.org/about_staff.php

It has been a busy few months to say the least, AND WE ARE ONLY GETTING STARTED. I could go on and on with all the other things the past few months have consisted of but that would make for a very long very unreadable blog! So maybe a second update is in order in the near future.

MICROCRISIS opens next week!!! Come check us out!

P.S Don't forget to check out Wildlife Wednesday on InterAct's Facebook! Cause who doesn't live pictures of cats and dogs.... and sometimes Dany?

See Ya Later Alligator!

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