Friday, October 29, 2010

Philadelphia Inquirer: SILVERHILL is an "Impassioned" "Fine New Play..."

Check out these excerpts from Toby Zinman's review of SILVERHILL in today's Inquirer:

A Utopia Beset by Lust and Conflict

By Toby Zinman
Friday, October 29, 2010

... Silverhill is the name of Thomas Gibbons' fine new play at InterAct Theatre Company and it's also the name of a 19th-century utopian religious community, based on the Oneida community in upstate New York. The very word utopia means "no place" - but that doesn't seem to stop anybody from hoping this time will be different.

Begin with the set... a huge metal gate, the name emblazoned across it. The question is, does the gate lock the world out or the community in?

... The pleasures of a good historical drama are many... their problems are our problems, and their solutions shed light on ours, since Gibbons gives each point of view an impassioned monologue.

... Strife, both economic and sexual, ensues, raising questions about human nature: Is love always possessive? Is male competition always sexual? Is innocence good or foolish? Is capitalism inevitably soul-destroying? Is private ownership a function of individuality? Does leadership always become tyranny? Do the young always rebel against the rules of their society? Good stuff to think about.

Seth Rozin directs the strong cast.

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