Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Philly Weekly: "Celebrate SILVERHILL... A Great New Play"

Check out these excerpts from J. Cooper Robb’s review of SILVERHILL from this week's Philadelphia Weekly:

Great new plays are rare — all the more reason to celebrate Philadelphia playwright Thomas Gibbons’ new work Silverhill, which is making its world premiere in an effectively straightforward production by InterAct Theatre Company...

The ensuing conflict between Frank and Alden sets up a debate between diametrically opposed economic systems — but what ultimately leads to blows is a woman...

In [Christopher] Coucill’s portrayal, Alden isn’t a fiery, charismatic leader with soaring rhetoric. The other members are attracted by his conviction, and his unwavering certainty that God speaks directly to him. The quietly effective performance is appropriately sincere, and we can easily understand why the elder members of the group are unquestioning in their allegiance to him.

[Dan] Hodge’s Frank doesn’t have the same sense of spiritual conviction that Coucill brings to Alden, but he makes up for it with ambition and salesmanship. Frank takes three younger members of Silverhill in a game of shopping; it's the first time they've seen currency. Seductively, Hodge rubs a dollar bill between his fingers and proclaims, “It feels like America.”

In America, monogamy is regarded as the standard of success in marriage, and wealth as the standard of success in life. In Silverhill, Gibbons asks us to examine these beliefs... If you like a play that prompts questions rather than providing answers, Silverhill leaves you with plenty of food for thought.

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