Friday, October 28, 2011

More On The Life Of An InterAct Intern: "The House is Now Open..."

Well things here at InterAct have been moving, that’s for sure. This past Wednesday (the 26th) we opened our first show: THE HOW AND THE WHY by Sarah Treem. I got to see the PWYC (Pay What You Can) performance before previews began, but since then I’ve been the House Manager, and therefore unable to see the show again. I have been hearing very positive feedback from the audience members as they exit however!!

As House Manager, I am responsible for the audience experience as they enter and exit the theatre.

A typical 8pm Show schedule looks like this:
Before 6:30 pm – “Housekeeping”: Vacuum the theatre, clean bathrooms, all the glamorous stuff.
6:30 – 7:00 pm – Take care of any special needs reservations. Set up shop downstairs in the Lobby. Organize programs & Stuffers.
7:00 – Ushers arrive. Give them a tour if they are new, give them details about the show & our procedures.
7:00-7:30 - Greet any guests who are early, Aid with Box office set up as needed.
7:30-7:40 – Some back and forth conversation with the Stage Manager as to when we will open the house.
7:40-7:45 – Open the House!! Give a brief welcoming announcement for those in the Lobby.
8:00 – Close the House, and Give Curtain Speech.
8:00-8:15 – Seat Late Comers as necessary.
8:15-8:45 – Count & Record Ticket stubs, Begin House Manager Report.
8:45 – Open Doors for Intermission. Keep track of where the audience members spread out to.
8:55 – Gather folks and notify them that the house will close shortly.
9:00 – Close House.
9:05-9:40 – Finish House Manager Report. Stay available in the Lobby.
9:45 – Open Doors at the end of the show. Bid Farewell to the guests. Take a sweep through the theatre to pick up any programs dropped, etc.
10:00/10:15 – Put away all programs & such. Lock up and Peace out!

So far. So good. :-)

- Shannon Fitzsimons

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