Friday, October 14, 2011

InterAct's Seth Rozin Featured in Chutzpah Magazine

Check out InterAct's Producing Artistic Director Seth Rozin in the Fall 2011 issue Chutzpah Magazine. Laura Goldman talks with Seth about why he founded InterAct (back in 1988) and how his early experiences with InterAct led him to a 2nd career as a successful playwright:

Chutzpah Magazine
Rozin's Bag
by Laura Goldman
2011 is playwright and director Seth Rozin's year in the sun. While many playwrights struggle to have even one of their plays staged, Rozin had two plays running simultaneously on Philadelphia stages...

Rozin's day job is founder and producing artistic director of InterAct Theatre... 'I established InterAct as a way to foster dialogue about political about political and and cultural issues,' says Rozin... Being 'a natural leader,' he wasn't concerned that perhaps the tender age of twenty-two was too young to start a theater company and credits his mentor and advisor at Penn, Catherine Marshall, with giving him the courage needed...

InterAct... is one of the region's most cutting edge theatres, often producing world premieres with a strong message... While many people in the theater lament the current segregation of theater audiences, InterAct's the rare Philadelphia venue where blacks and whites sit side by side and then stay afterwards to discuss the hot button issues of the day... 
Read the Entire Chutzpah Magazine Feature Here: 

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