Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CHAD DEITY Getting Raves From Audiences & Critics Alike

Critics and audiences are beginning to spread the word that CHAD DEITY is a production not to be missed! Take a look at what they're saying...

Philadelphia Inquirer, Howard Shapiro:

"Nimble, Funny, Thoughtful Headlock On Wrestling

On tonight's wrestling card, we have the American who stands for everything good we learned in civics, or from Mom or by eating apple pie - Chad Deity. He's pure of thought, black and beautiful, resplendent in ringside bling and a shining gold jockstrap. He's built like your proverbial brick facility.

(His given name is Darnell, but shhhh!)

... This is wrestling, slyly scripted at best, pathetically cynical at worst ... It's also theater that puts you in a solid intellectual headlock and won't let up - funny throughout, thoughtful, and commanding, with a script as nimble as the champ it depicts. In its dynamic InterAct Theater staging by Seth Rozin, the company's producing artistic director, Chad Deity fills the ring with characters you wish you really knew, portrayed by actors who make sure you'll know them. ... The cast here is impeccable ... the action [is] as real in the ring as it is in a play that rings true."

Philadelphia Weekly, J. Cooper Robb:

"InterAct challenges stereotypes on and off the wrestling mats in a boisterous new production ...

Hip-hop theater takes a big step forward with Kristoffer Diaz’s dynamic new play The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity ...

Diaz’s satire focuses on Macedonia Guerra (Juan Pacheco in an impressive professional stage debut). Known as “Mace,” Guerra is perhaps the most likeable narrator since Thornton Wilder’s stage manager in Our Town ...

Rozin’s blisteringly paced, razor sharp production captures the play’s hip-hop rhythms and sense of moral outrage ... Both funny and smart, Entrance is the rare play that makes us laugh and think at the same time. America has real enemies in the world, but in Entrance it’s our need to stereotype alleged outsiders as a threat that emerges as the true danger.", Kathryn Osenlund:

"... Quite a departure for InterAct in staging and feel, but playwright Kristoffer Diaz's ideas are right up their alley. ... an inspired theatrical choice ... It pulls you in ...

Juan Pacheco's Mace is lean and smart with shining eyes and a nimble tongue. ... He speaks his wisdom in crazy street talk, asides and critiques, and brings everyone on board ... What a fine actor in an enormous role! Mace's saavy view is pointed and funny as hell.

In the end Diaz's play packs a lethal slam in a tiny question that sobers you up even as you're laughing. ... Under the insightful direction of Producing Artistic Director Seth Rozin, InterAct's large production team has created a bright, crass, exciting world. ... It is fabulously entertaining and all-out fun, even as quiet, simmering rage seeps through dressed as irony about ridiculous, damaging federation profiling. ...

How to explain how it sparkles? Playwright Kristoffer Diaz's creation is a skillful mix of wrestling posturing, pizzazz and vulgarity. Allegory dressed up in non-stop, hilarious, tasteless, brilliant commentary."

Philadelphia City Paper, Mark Cofta:

"... Juan Pacheco is brilliant ... Shalin Agarwal is outrageously magnetic ... a fine production ... good storytelling."

KYW Newsradio 1060, Bob Nelson:

"... Chad Deity humorously slams professional wrestling to the mat ... an elaborate production ... a tidal wave of energy and theatrical detail ... if you're aching for a physically wacky good time ... this just may be your show ... "


Crystal Whybark, Theatre Alliance Listserv member posted:
"I was totally blown away by this production! Please go and see this show as soon as you can ... Even if you've never had any interest in wrestling, the intense performances and engaging dialogue really do make this a memorable piece of theater. I won't even get into the fantastic stunt choreography, or the use of live cameras... just go see it. Seriously, you will love it!"

Henry Pashkow, Theatre Alliance Listserv member posted:
"I went to see THE ELABORATE ENTRANCE OF CHAD DEITY last night. It's a very unusual play, wonderfully acted and directed. And the writing is both poetic and funny. Quite a theatrical experience. Don't miss it."

Kathy P. emailed:
"The play was outstanding. Up there among the very best we've seen at InterAct."

Tim R. emailed:
"... I thought Chad Diety was the best play I have seen in the past few years. It was funny, thoughtful, lively, original and entertaining ... everything I want on a night out."

Tom D. emailed:
“Just wanted to say how much my girlfriend and I enjoyed the show last night. It was thoroughly entertaining, from beginning to end. We could not be more pleased with our decision to attend. Please extend our appreciation to the entire cast, writer and crew. We look forward to future productions from your company.”

An anonymous blog reader posted:
“Loved the show! What an entertaining and poignant way to approach the political and social issues we deal with in America today as minorities. Excellent story, acting was fabulous and all around a fun evening.”

Check out a few of the rave reviews of CHAD DEITY at Victory Gardens in Chicago.

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