Monday, November 9, 2009

InterAct Partners with Dragon Gate USA

InterAct Theatre Company is pleased to announce a partnership with Dragon Gate USA in order to promote its critically-acclaimed production of THE ELABORATE ENTRANCE OF CHAD DEITY, running now through November 22.

Dragon Gate USA is the newest sensation on the North American pro wrestling scene. Forget about wrestling you know from TV, this is the most innovative, athletic action on the planet featuring the most skilled wrestlers from Japan, Mexico and the United States. The theatre of pro wrestling has evolved with these stylish fighters and cutting edge characters. DGUSA will hold its next event on November 28th in Philadelphia at the legendary Arena in South Philly (around the corner from Tony Luke's).

You can sample DGUSA by watching a free preview if you have On Demand. It is in the same section with WWE, UFC, boxing free previews. Visit for more info on Dragon Gate USA. Watch free videos on the Dragon Gate USA channel on YouTube and see why these these guys are as much artists as athletes.

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